Woodlawn Hospital News

The 2nd annual Community Walk Program "Walk YOUR Way," team competition ended August 24. The 40 total teams' mileage was 94,505 miles. This small group walked around the earth's circumference of 24,901 miles 3.8 times in 12 weeks.
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Robert Bleza, MD, FACS, general surgeon, has joined Rochester Surgical Services. For more information, click here.

Woodlawn Hospital / Rochester Orthopedics has prepared a Total Joint Care Program that will be held once a month at 12:00 noon or 5:00 pm, depending on the month. This class is designed to inform anyone scheduled for an upcoming total joint surgery and/or anyone interested in knowing what to expect as we describe the process and your care while at Woodlawn. For more information, click here. You can also reserve your spot and ask detailed questions by calling 574-223-SPOT (7768).

R. Eric Seward, MD is located in the hospital medical offices. For your OB/GYN needs, please call for an appointment. For more information, click here.